Welcome To 8Hoop.com!

This Website Provides a Modern Member-Based recruitmenting Service That Which is The First of it’s Kind.
It is Organized Based-on Ternary System and in 8 Levels (Hoop).
Note that The Only Accepted Internet Banking Account Is Perfect Money.

Anyone in Any Country, Can Earn an Asset of $8856 after a short Period of Time (probably 2 months)!

How does it work?
8Hoop.com is a Recruiting System which has 8 Levels (Hoop). All You Need, is to
register in 8Hoop.com with $6 of Your Perfect Money’s Account, then you will see your information and the system’s procedure in your user panel.
Now, you should Bring 3 Other People to the system, through your referral link, which is shown on the top of your panel, and each of them will register in the system with $6 (at this time, you have completed the first hoop). At this level, the system refunds you $6 (in fact, you have spent no money and in this early level, you have your whole money back) and from the $12 (two left $6 of your subsets), system will pay $4 to the person in the “Hoop 4” and $4 to the person in the “hoop 8”. The other $4 will stay in the system, as the fee.
This procedure will repeat for your subsets, and you will grow level by level, until you reach the level 4 (The end of Hoop4). At this level, the system pays you $108, and again, you will keep growing as long as you reach at level 8, and at this level (Hoop8), the system will pay you $8748, to your Perfect Money account. After finishing the “8 levels” (The end of Hoop8), you will be removed from the table and your subsets will progress the same, until they get at the “Hoop8” and conclude the system, and of course, gain their $8748.
Notice that everyone can register in the system (with different e-mail accounts), for as many time as he/she wants and there is no limitation for that.
If anyone, register through your own, or your subsets referral link, up to 8 levels beneath you, will be your panel’s subset, too.

How to start:
1. Open a
Perfect Money account, if you don’t have it.
Register in the system (if doing through someone’s referral link, make sure the address in the address bar is correct). The registration will cost you only $6.
3. Bring your three subsets, and your subsets should do the same and this process will repeat for everyone, and you will keep climbing the levels and earn more money. If anyone register, through your subsets referral link, you will score, too.
When you reach at the “Hoop4” and “Hoop8”, for each person that registers in the system, you will be paid $4, and by the end of the level 4 (Hoop4), you will get $108 and the level 8 (Hoop8), you will get $8748.
As you finish the 8 hoops, you will be removed from the system and your subsets will go on (nevertheless, you can register for thousands of times!)

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Did you know the only thing you need to do in 8Hoop.com is: 1-register, 2-bring three subsets, 3- each of your subsets bring 3 other and you will gain $8856 after 2 concluding the 8 levels (2 months).

Some 8Hoop.com Privileges:
You do NOT need any particular experience, proficiency or specialty. you don’t need much time, too.
You can introduce this website to you family, friend, co-workers, classmates etc, and as you probably now, the internet is the best way of sharing information and knowledge. Use social networks like Facebook or Twitter to attract more users and grow faster.
Anyone registering by your referral link, we will put he/she in your empty subsets. And the subsets of your subsets, up to 8 level beneath you, will be your subsets, too.
You can put your referral link in your website or weblog, and enjoy yourself, progressing way faster.
You will be informed of your progression and the count of your subsets in your user panel, with charts, graphs and numeric reports.
This system belongs to no country, and liberty rules here. So you can use it, wherever, whenever you wish.
In hoop 4 and 8, you don’t have to wait, until the level is completed. You can ask the system for money, for as many members you have in that hoop.
If you act fast and intelligently, you will earn the mentioned amount (
$8748 + $108) by each registration.
Imagine each level takes 1 week (every member would bring his/her 3 subsets in 1 week); in this case you will reach the level 8 in just 2 months and will be paid $8856.

Hoop1 – First week 3 member

Hoop2 – Second week 3*3=9 member

Hoop3 – Third week 9*3=27 member

Hoop4 – Fourth week 27*3=81 member

Hoop5 – Fifth week 81*3=243 member

Hoop6 – Sixth week 243*3=729 member

Hoop7 – Seventh week 729*3=2187 member

Hoop8 – Eighth week 2187*3=6561 member

Although is possible someone reaches to “Hoop8” in one month , and other user in one year! Depending on his/her activity.
The best asset you can gain by each registration, is $8856 and for more income, you should register again. You don’t have to wait until you finish, all of the levels, to register again. You can sign up, over and over again, simultaneously.
For instant, if you register 10 time, during 2 years, you will get [ 8856 x 10 = $88560 ] .
Refunding the money, takes 72 hours. Make sure you are using valid e-mail address and Perfect Money user account.
Make note that Perfect Money cuts %1~%5 of the money we pay you, and we compensate that by our own revenue.

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Hoop1: You get your money $6

Hoop4: You get $108

Hoop8: You get $8748

Start to make money fast by www.8Hoop.com

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Best Regards

www.8Hoop.com Management Team.

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